Urban Combat Hapkido is a martial art style that does not practice traditional Poomse but focuses on techniques that work for real. It has its roots in traditional Korean Hapkido but incorporates techniques from other styles such as boxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Escrima / Kali, Silat and Wing Tsun. Even Dim-Mak is incorporated in the concept UCHF. The system is based upon 45 degree angels regarding footwoork, blocks and punches and also breaking the balance of the opponent. The goal is to come as close as possible to the opponnent and take him out/down.


The moves a UCHF-practitioner does gets extremely sharp and accurate since Dim Mak is incorporated in the system on advanced level. The rule is that just like Atemi-Wasa can NOT delay or make a move slower or less good, Dim Mak can NOT change the flow of the UCHF practioners moves when defending him/her-self. It has to come natural and flowing just sharpening the effect of the tecniques. The UCHF system differs from other systems and styles in one important way. The first belt, yellow, is given to those who have learned to attack with aggressive intent when defending themself. They end the defensive moves with attacking the opponent with for example a foot stomping into the place below the belt or why not the head. They don´t need to go into submissions because there may be more than one attacker.


In Urban Combat Hapkido you start as a beginner in ordinary workout clothes and provides dobook when it feels good and you then have the white belt. When the coach of the club think it is ripe for it to get the opportunity to change the belt to the order of yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, red, red with a black stripe, red with two black stripes, red with three black stripes, black belt. In the black belt ranks to get, then having earned the stripes on the belt. 1 to 9 Dan. At 5 Dan, you are a master, and may wear a red and black belt.


The founders of Urban Combat Hapkido are Magnus Degéus and Andreas Olofsson. They founded UCHF in 1996 and has a broad knowledge of the martial arts with over 30 years experience. The Dim Mak is separate degrees that you get to earn. The first belt is green, then red, then black and up to 9 Dan black belt. When a new student starts training UCHF and show that he/she wants to continue and the student have for example 2 Dan Judo, 1 Dan jujitsu and 1 Dan TaeKwonDo or another style which is relevant and fits the system, the instructor of the club has the possibility to give the student a brown belt to start with. This is up to each Black Belt instructor to decide individually.


In UCHF there are only one rule, There are no rules but have in mind that it is a friend you are training with so do not hurt him permanently or bad.

Founder and President of

The Urban Combat Hapkido Federation

Grandmaster Magnus Degéus 9 Dann

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