5 UCHF Grandmasters on one picture

Grandmaster Keith Saut 9 Dan shows a couple of his own techniques from Kung Fu Jutsu.

Urban Combat Hapkido Federation 29-07-2017 Kristianstad Sweden

Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmed recieves 10 Dan in UCHF the 30th of July 2017

New rules for Rank Promotion in UCHF:


No one will be promoted to 5 gup brown belt in UCHF from now on untill a poomse in Han Moo Kwan is learned and approved and registered. You can choose which poomse you want to do of all the poomses in Han Moo Kwan. Regardless of which poomse it is, you will be promoted to Green belt in Han Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do under World Martial Arts College. This demand is not meant to make things more difficult, it´s the other way around. I, Magnus Degéus, want to give you an insight in another martial art and when you are promoted to Green belt in Han Moo Kwan you can visit or train in any WTF or HMK Tae Kwon Do school in the world and they will all recognise you as a Green belt. This is possible thanks to the UCHF training and is an important step for you to take. I want you all to join the Han Moo Kwan Family under Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmed. This is one of the ways we show loyalty and respect to our only 10 Dan Grandmaster in UCHF in the world. And yes, you can do this whenever you want to, you just have to have it done before you will be a Brown belt in UCHF. Train Safe and have fun. / GM Magnus Degéus

UCHF has a new 9th Dan Grandmaster.


Grandmaster, Kwa Jang Nim and Shihan Bo F. Munthe.



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