Rules of application for Rank



UCHF DAN RECOGNITION of your Rank. No must with a videolink of you unless you want to. It requires a valid Certificate from another "Kwan"/"Ryu"/System.


1 - 3 Dan € 150


4 Dan € 175


5 Dan € 275

We offers Rank-recognitions and Rank Promotions in Urban Combat Hapkido and Dim Mak from 9 gup yellow belt to 3 Dan Black Belt. From 4 Dan and above is it mandatory to also get a Rank Promotion from Worlds Martial Arts College (WMAC). For Black Belt Rankpromotions in Taekwondo (Han Moo Kwan and/or WTF) we demand that you get those ranks from

WMAC who we, UCHF, are affiliated to and Grandmaster Magnus Degéus 9 Dan is appointed to the WMAC as a Board

Member. Recognition Ranks is NOT available in Taekwondo. All Black Belt Rank Promotions must be filmed and put as an

unlisted video on Youtube except for Dim Mak 1 Dan. From 2 Dan in Dim Mak video is also mandatory. For a judgement by

our Masters in Urban Combat Hapkido you will pay a fee (50 Euro) and then we will come to a decision

regarding the Rank Promotion you have applied for. The fee for the, if approved, Rank Promotion will depend on

the value of US Dollars and/or Euro. For UCHF and TKD Gup/Kup Certifications and Rank Promotions the fee is

60 Euro including shipping (not to sign for or trackable mail),of the certificate. For a Dim Mak Green or Red belt is the

same fee 80 Euro. Details about Dan promotions is given when needed upon requests. We will not hold back Rank in UCHF

if you have the knowledge and the right flow in your techniques. Record or compilation, a video of your own where you

show your skills and fill out the application forms and post us the Youtubelink and earn your Rank as soon as possible.

Kind Regards

The Urban Combat Hapkido Federation HQ Sweden




1 Dan € 200


2 Dan € 250


3 Dan € 290


4 Dan € 350 #


5 Dan € 500 #





1 DAN € 250


2 DAN € 300


3 Dan € 300


4 DAN € 325 #


5 DAN € 400 #


Instructor Certification UCHF


C Instructor (from 4 gup) € 200


B Instructor (from 1 Dan) € 200


A Instructor (from 3 Dan) € 250


Master Instructor (5 Dan and above) € 350



Instructor Certification Dim Mak


B Instructor (2 Dan) € 200


A Instructor (3 Dan) € 200


Master Instructor (5 Dan) € 400



# You must also get the Rank Promotion from WMAC in order to get this one.

From WMAC will you recieve the Rank in traditional Korean Hapkido when

you are promoted in Urban Combat Hapkido.

You are of course more than welcome to register your rank and get a Rank Promotion from WMAC allready from yellow Belt and up.

This is taken care of the UCHF:s Masters in order to make sure that everything is in accordance with Rules and Regulations.

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