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Founded in Sweden 1996

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9 Gup Yellov belt
8 Gup Orange belt
7 Gup Green belt
6 Gup Blue belt
5 Gup Brown belt
4 Gup Red belt
3 Gup Red belt 1 black stripe
2 Gup Red belt 2 black stripes
1 Gup Red belt 3 black stripes
Dimmak Green belt
Dimmak Red belt
1 Dan Black Belt
2 Dan
3 Dan
4 Dan
5 Dan
6 Dan
7 Dan
8 Dan
9 Dan


When you have sent this application to us, we will as soon as possible, get back to you and provide you with information how to proceed in order to get your promotion. Please be patient since we have to evaluate your information and look at your video from Youtube. The video is mandatory for all black belt rank promotions.

Urban Combat Hapkido


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