I want a new selfdefence system made.
I want a couple of techniques improved.
I just want to get in contact with UCHF.

Let us help you with your own selfdefence system. We can look for self defence techniques that could be done better and give you a technique back that is improved. We want the techniques described and a video url where we can watch them. This costs money if it´s a complete system, but if there is only a couple of techniques you want our help with to improve, we might be interested if you promise to reccomend us and that we get credit for our work when you present it on the Web.



If you want an entire system written from 9 kyu, 9 gup, 9 kup, level 1 etc. up to 5 Dan Black belt or higher, we can help you building your own system from scratch. This will cost you € 750 - € 1250 depending on how much work we have to put in. When your system is ready we can reccomend you to World Martial Arts College and make your style recognised in this enormous martial arts federation and you will be at least promoted to 9th Dan in your system.


Feel free to contact us at any time. Kind Regards Grand Master Magnus Degeus, President and founder of UCHF 1996.

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