Honorary Black Belt for sponsors

Urban Combat Hapkido Federation

The Modern Martial Arts Concept

Founded in Sweden 1996

The Urban Combat Hapkido Federation is looking for sponsors and possible MD´s who wants to advertise on the websites we have. By doing this after meeting an agreement with the founder

Magnus Degéus it is according to agreement possible for the sponsors to recieve an honorary valid Black belt since we in UCHF need every single Euro to be able to expand and grow bigger.


Are you interested in having your logo on the website with a direct link to your own website and want to pay for the advertisement or sponsor us don´t hesitate to take contact with us and

you might be rewarded with an honorary valid black belt in UCHF. Write to: magnus@uchf.se or text or call to +46703125992 in Sweden, Magnus Degéus Kind Regards UCHF !


CONTACT Urban Combat Hapkido Federation:



Magnus Degéus

Pionjarvagen 8

29135 Kristianstad



T. +46703125992

E. magnus@uchf.se

W. www.uchf.se

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